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Farmer Training

Updated: Feb 7, 2019

Have a green thumb?

Welcome to the GRRO Robeson Street Farm School! We introduce farmers to micro-market farming, and focus on sustainable practices that help produce quality produce from our rich Carolina soil. Our hands-on curriculum gives hands on experience with small farm planning, planting and equipment.

Generate income from micro-market farming.

We educate, train and empower residents to become stewards of the land, leading to better, and productive lives and healthier communities. Training promotes income generation through farming and business opportunities that lead to self-sufficiency.

Greater than the sum of its parts

Community farming is a key part of economic development in rural areas that have few other fresh food options. Small scale farming for food production creates a community-controlled, local food system that leads to small business development. Our neighborhoods and communities benefit in multiple ways: beautification, particularly in places were there are empty or abandoned lots; fresh, locally grown produce becomes more available and more affordable; people lead more active lifestyles, which improves health and quality of life; and re-establishes community connections.

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