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RFI Programs

The Eva Clayton Rural Food Institute

Grounded in our core values, we are committed to fostering resilient agricultural practices, promoting local food economies, and ensuring access to healthy and affordable food for all. We do this through our curated list of programs designed to foster innovation, growth, and collaboration in our rural communities. 

Commodities Supplemental Food Program (CSFP)

The Eva Clayton Rural Food Institute assists with the distribution of food boxes in Vance and Warren County through the federal Commodities Supplemental Food Program (CSFP). This program aims to provide residents over 60 with a variety of nutritious packaged or canned dry goods, beverages, proteins, and fruits and vegetables. ECRFI delivers once a month to improve the health of eligible residents.   This program is in partnership With the Food Bank of Central and Eastern NC

KERR- Tar Frozen

The  Kerr-Tar Regional Council of Governments and GRRO partner to distribute meals through the American Rescue Plan Act Nutrition Services. This program provides food to residents weekly or bi-weekly that meet certain age and medical requirements that may limit their ability to access nutritious food, or limit their ability to cook and shop for food. 

GRRO Supplemental Food Program (GSFP)

The Green Rural Redevelopment Organization (GRRO), distributes food through the GRRO supplemental food program. This program delivers one-time food resources to residents of Vance and Warren Counties who do not qualify for other food resources. 

The Healthy Opportunity Pilots (HOPS)

GRRO, partnering with Access East NC, assists in food distribution for the Healthy Opportunities Pilot program. This program delivers food monthly to residents referred to the program, aiming to improve their health outcomes through non-medical interventions.   

The Healthy Opportunities Pilot is a program through federal Medicaid funds aiming to provide “select evidence-based, non-medical interventions related to housing, food, transportation and interpersonal safety and toxic stress to high-needs Medicaid enrollees.” In North Carolina HOPs is  overseen in by the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services, and  works with local and regional organizations across the state to provide these services in local  communities. 

If you are a Medicaid enrollee and would like to see if you are eligible for the services provided through the HOPs program, please visit Access East NC’s eligibility page here. 

Senior Meals Programs

GRRO partners with the KERR-Tar Regional Council of Governments with its food distribution for seniors residing within the KERR-Tar Region. 

The Upper Coastal Plains Council of Government partners with GRRO to provide meals for seniors participating in programming at the Sharpsburg Senior Center. Seniors in the Upper Coastal Plains Program  also receive guidance from registered nutritionists

Who We Serve

At a Glance

- 11 northeastern counties in North Carolina

- Over 687,000 people

- 1.4 Million acres of farmland and 4,029 farms

- 1,600 new or beginner farmers

- Over 122,000 people experiencing food insecurity

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