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The Eva Clayton Rural Food Institute

The Vision

The focus is on how we innovate the ecosystem and ensure the delivery of healthy food in our rural communities across North Carolina.

From farmer to processing, to education, to the actual consumer.


Farming is the Foundation

Rural Leadership

Environmental Sustainability

Equity and Dignity

Healthy Communities

Empowered Community Voices


Eva Clayton

As the first African-American woman elected to Congress from North Carolina, Eva M. Clayton used her position on the Agriculture Committee to represent the small farmers of her rural district. Greatly influenced by the civil rights movement, Clayton’s political career reflected her interest in advocating for women and African Americans in her district and beyond.

View a message from Former Congresswoman Eva Clayton


Plant Biologist
Organic Pesticide Spray

Idea Development, Testing and
Community Engagement


Farming Leafy Greens

Partnership Development
Facilitation and Convening

Research and
Knowledge Sharing

Micro-farming and
Rural Farmers as the Foundation


The Institute supports GRRO’s leadership position in rural impact by enhancing delivery of existing programs and sharing tested new models for GRRO’s future development.

Innovation is a way to unlock unrealized capacity or knowledge, to grow community and partner buy-in through co-creation, and to connect needs and solutions across previously disconnected silos. 

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The Eva Clayton Rural Food Institute

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